Close More Sales & Grow Your Business

EnerBank USA's proven financing options reduce your job cancelations and increase your average job size.

Accelerate the growth of your business.

Options = Opportunity

EnerBank’s financing options translate into growth for your business by providing your customers an opportunity to complete their dream projects. Discover what thousands of contractors already know — offering an unbeatable choice of unsecured home improvement financing options increases sales and helps grow your business.

Get more leads.

Close more sales.

Increase average job size.

See fewer cancellations.

Unbeatable financing options.

Provide your customers a choice of financing options.

According to market research, 50% of all home improvements over $5,000 are financed in some way. If you aren’t offering customers financing options for their home improvements, you could be leaving 50% of the business on the table — to be picked up by your competitors.

EnerBank gives your customers greater spending power to get the project they want...when they want it!

Be more competitive.

Stay ahead of your competition.

In today’s competitive business climate, it takes more than just a great reputation and excellent service to win projects and grow your business. By offering financing options to your customers, you provide solutions your competitors may not. And EnerBank makes it easy for both you and your customers with unbeatable financing options and a convenient application process.

Financing options preferred by homeowners.

No closing, appraisal or application costs.

No high default APRs for late payments.

Quick credit decisions.

No prepayment penalties.

Won't tie up home equity or credit lines.

How to qualify for the EnerBank program.

Ready to grow your business?

EnerBank’s solutions allow you to focus on your core business by providing the financing options for both types of customers: cash and low monthly payment. If you recognize the advantages that can be realized by offering financing options, then you’re ready to begin. Do you have:

A residential home remodeling focus for your business?

A US-based business that has been in operation for at least three years?

Annual residential remodeling sales of at least $500,000?

An average project size of at least $5,000?


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